We need a specialist who will develop mobile applications. He will have to solve interesting algorithmic and graphical problems. And the programs created by him will be installed on smartphones of hundreds of thousands of users.
  • 2+ years of Java programming experience;
  • at least a year of experience in developing Android applications;
  • knowledge of Android API 2.2 and higher;
  • experience in parallel and multithreaded programming;
  • knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures;
  • you worked in a similar position for the last year;
  • cases and portfolios.
  • experience with OpenGL development;
  • experience using JNI or Android NDK;
  • knowledge of distributed version control systems (git);
  • teamwork experience.
  • Light, spacious office;
  • Tea, coffee, cookies, ping-pong, soft poufs and bean bags;
  • Official employment, white salary. (git);
Salary:  from 150,000 rub.